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In Grabe they follow Their Customers in The growth of successful production models sufficient reason for a tall grabe degree of versatility throughout the development of industrial supplies providers having the most advanced production technologies and industrial company.

This support Leverages the gain in the competitiveness of its customers, gives personality to their production procedures, minimizes their delivery times of the merchandise they generateand promises their supply and also the continuity of their products and services they provide, and also creates tight margins and a lot other problems.
It is a business That offers alternatives of high technological degree and at a customized manner of the industrial procedures of aeration, agitation, pumping, separation, dosing, storage, one of other processes, which can be related to almost any portion of their business.

Grabe is still a company that Works at the sector related to industrial processes, boosting their growth and development. The industrial devices industry in Brazil has allowed a industrial development of this South American large that’s led for the state becoming on the list of 10 most important economies on the planet and being the most significant market in Latin America.

It is a Business Associate of this pulp and paper business, mining, steel, oil, aeronautics, propane, petro chemicals, bio-ethanol, legumes, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and a lot of different sectors. Its main customers are businesses using a recognized track document for example Petrobras, Henkel, Bayer, Arcelor, Ambev, Heinz, C.Vale, Vale, Kinross, Klavin, Copasa, among others.

Grabe develops industrial Gear complies with international quality standards and with the highest tech. The team of specialists it has has worked for more than 30 years in the field of technology, designing and production of industrial gear applications.
They provide their own Clients variability, efficacy and rate from the creation of options to industrial procedures because it is but one of those few businesses that utilizes its own equipment inside the processes of boilermaking, machining, processing and welding of plastics, and will not utilize third events at these methods simply because they consider them key.

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